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The Storytale is a platformer with strange magic weapons and useless random spells.

The Brave Prince hurries up to rescue the kidnapped princess. 
All he has got are strange magic weapons and hmm.. immortality. 

So will it be just an easy walk in the park or the extremely tough journey to the Dark Wizard lair?

Another story is about the Little Princess. She has to rescue the Prince before the dawn. She knows just a bunch of useless spells, which she mixes up usually. So her current, ready to cast, spell will change very often. 

Moreover the Little Princess can die from any danger. Fortunately the fountains of Eternal Youth will be ready to resurrect her during that long night.

So the Storytale begins here.

Install instructions

After downloading demo-version and starting with Menu Screen 

choose New Game or press ESC to start new game.

Default controls: Cursor Arrows to move;  Z, X,C,V,  - jump;  

Space - cast/attack (when available)

Standard gamepads (XBox360, Playstation) also are supported.

Languages: English and Russian (could be also switch in the menue)

UPD. 2019.03.04. Minor bugs were fixed


TheStorytale_0_40.zip 208 MB

Development log


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Deleted 1 year ago

fun, its looking good, i would probably lower the wind sound that plays in the background, it was pretty loud, kinda made me feel like i was under water lol. but so far looking good

A bug stopped the Prince in his tracks but what I got play was really fun. Can't wait for the full release. :)

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Thanks, it's very good letsplay )
Bug was fixed in current version, my apologies